Importance of piano lessons

I was 8 years old in this picture.

My mother gave me the gift of piano lessons when I was a child. She had no idea how those lessons would impact my life. I have been teaching piano for about 30 years now. I would never have had the confidence to purse a career as a musician if I had not had these lessons. I remember walking down the block  to the neighborhood teacher for my piano lesson. My teacher expected me to play my pieces with a metronome even though I did not have one at home and was not required to play with one at home. My recitals were really scary events. (Much different for students who learn in groups). We lived in a big old house in a small town in Texas and it did not have central heat or air conditioning. I would go in there to practice in the winter and it was freezing cold at times. These are some of the memories of learning to play the piano from my childhood. Who knows what each student will do with their music as they grow up. Even if they only play the piano for their own enjoyment, that is a wonderful gift that has been give to them. I believe sports have a place and that it is important, but will the average man or woman be playing soccer or football when they are 40 or 50 years old? Music is enjoyed at all ages for a lifetime.


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