How to practice a new piece

When you start a new piece, what do you do first?  If you try to concentrate on all the things that go into learning a new piece to perfection, it is overwhelming.  Here is the order of what I believe is a good plan for learning:

1) Notes –  hand separately first and slow with correct fingering

2) Rhythm –  slow and correct (sometimes a metronome is helpful)

3) Pedaling – now begin to use the pedal as marked in the piece

4) Dynamics – being to notice the louds and softs in the piece and all instruction written by the composer.

5) Tempo – the speed of the piece is usually written at the beginning above the first measure.  Slowing increase your speed.

6) Memory – if you are going to memorize your piece, begin to work on it now.  It may surprise you how much you already know by memory.

Happy Practicing!!!


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