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Faq About Tuning An Acoustic Piano

05 Dec 2017 -

Question: Why do I need to have my acoustic piano tuned?

Answer: Your piano is an investment. If you ever want to sell your piano in the future, it will be worth more if it is tuned regularly. It will give you many hours of musical pleasure and should be maintained.

Question: What factors affect the piano staying in tune?

Answer: It is subject to the climate, since it has wood and felt inside. Extreme temperature changes can affect the tone, pitch and touch. Try to place your piano on a wall that is away from doors or windows that are opened frequently. Direct sunlight and air condition vents should also be considered when you look for the perfect place to put your piano.

Question: How often should we get our piano tuned?

Answer: If you have a new piano, it should be tuned at least two or three times in the first year. The strings on the piano are more elastic on a new piano and by having it tuned often in the first year, you set the string length to be in tune. After the first year, the piano should be tuned at least once a year.

Question: How does a piano that is tuned help my child?

Answer: If a students practices on a piano at home that is not tuned, then comes to their piano lesson and plays on a tuned piano, they think that they are playing wrong keys, since it sounds so different. A student tends to practice more on a piano that is maintained because it is pleasant to practice and perform on.

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