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I took piano lessons from Mrs. Ulsh probably from the age of like 7 or 8 all the way until I graduated high school. Not only is Mrs. Ulsh just a really sweet person to be taught by, but I have learned so much from those years. I am a professional singer and musician and without a doubt would not be here if she hadn’t pushed me to practice and to work on my music! I remember I used to get so in my head about getting stuff right and she always helped me get through those moments when i was too frustrated with a piece to practice through it!
Honestly give this lovely lady your money it’s probably the best investment my parents have ever made.

Danielle S.

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Mrs Ulsh is the most amazing piano teacher I have ever met. She took a hyperactive inattentive small boy and began patiently teaching him how to play without taking away his enthusiasm or interest in piano by not having to be overbearing or harsh. Now he is a disciplined young man (almost 17) who plays the piano beautifully and loves it. It continues to be such a blessing to have her as his teacher and brought so much joy to our family through his piano playing over the years. She has a great reward system and organizes receitals that motivate the students and bring our families together. I love the community and friends we've made over the years and just can't recommend Tanya's Piano Studio enough! The return on this investment in our child has been huge!

Dorothy D.

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Our son loved learning piano from Mrs. Ulsh. Now a college graduate, his love of piano remains and he still speaks of Mrs. Ulsh with fond memories. As a parent, I experienced Mrs. Ulsh as encouraging, supportive, patient and kind. She has a unique gift of teaching and cares for each of her students individually helping them to grow in confidence to perform in small groups. She offers fun and creative ways for each child to express their talents-our family especially loved attending recitals. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing our son's confidence grow and his love of piano and music flourish under her teaching.

Ellen O.

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My homeschooled son and daughter have been taking piano lessons from Tanya Ulsh for the past 3 years. Tanya is a kind, patient, and encouraging teacher that gives lessons out of a charming studio attached to her home. She follows the Mayron Cole Piano Method, which is a hit with our kids. My kids were beginners and I was surprised by how quickly they became proficient at reading music. They look forward to attending lessons each week and impressing their friends with their skills. Mrs. Ulsh hosts two recitals each year. My family and extended family love seeing the range of ages and talent that perform. The recitals have given our kids the courage to perform at church and they receive lots of compliments on their showmanship. I would highly recommend Mrs. Ulsh as a warm and enthusiastic teacher for beginners. The positive experience my kids have with her teachings encourage them to learn and use music as a creative outlet.

Jason D.

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The classes at Tanya's piano studio are engaging and fun. She has the unique ability to teach piano to children through adults. Our son has taken piano lessons with her for the last 9 years. We highly recommend Tanya's piano studio.

Brian H.

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My daughter has been taking lessons from Mrs. Ulsh for more than 10 years and we couldn't be happier. Mrs. Ulsh has taken our shy little girl and turned her into a fine pianist with the confidence to get on a stage in front of hundreds of people to play her pieces. We highly recommend Tanya's Piano Studio.

Lisa B.

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Tanya is a great instructor. She is very patient and pushes me just enough to keep me constantly improving. While I prefer studio lessons, Skype lessons have worked out well. Tanya can see what I am doing via Skype and can provide feedback just like a studio lesson. I highly recommend Tanya for piano instruction for all levels and ages.

Terry P.

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Tanya is an excellent instructor, providing enough guidance so that students stay on task. If you are willing to practice, you will definitely advance in your piano skills!

Donna C.

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I took piano from Tanya for 12 years. I attribute much of my musical ability and appreciation to Tanya. She is patient, knowledgable, and makes learning piano a positive experience for children.

Samantha L.

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