New Braunfels Piano Lessons at Tanya's Piano Studio


My mother gave me the gift of piano lessons when I was a child. She had no idea how those lessons would impact my life. I grew up in an old house in a small farming town in South Texas. I remember walking down the street to the neighborhood teacher for my lesson. It was difficult to play my pieces to my teacher’s metronome, especially since I did not have one at home, and my recitals were very scary (a very different experience for children who learn in groups). Our home did not have central heat or air conditioning and I remember practicing in the freezing cold during the winter.

At school, I participated in band and choir and studied music at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, TX. After starting a family of my own, I was motivated to run a business that combined my love of music and children. The piano lessons that I had as a young child gave me the confidence to pursue a career as a musician. I have been teaching piano now for over 35 years.

Patience and lots of encouragement are the foundation of my teaching style. I have a genuine interest in each student and a love for music that shows in my teaching. Teaching piano to children, in a group setting, is an enjoyable and wonderful experience.

Who knows what each student will do with their music as they grow up. Some of my students have gone on to get music degrees, play piano at a local church or organization, or play for their own enjoyment. I believe that piano lessons are a wonderful gift that can be appreciated at any age and can last a lifetime!

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