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Why Should Piano Be the First Instrument Learned?

11 Feb 2020 -

Piano is the best instrument to begin with for anyone interested in learning music. Students who start with piano learn how to read music and understand both bass and treble clefs, as well as important concepts of music theory. It is the easiest instrument for seeing and understanding music theory because of the linear way that it is laid out. Shapes on the staff look the same on the piano, this helps to visualize the intervals and chords. Music students who begin with piano can easily go on to playing any other instrument they desire.

It takes practice to actually sound good overall, but on a fundamental level, tone production on the piano is wildly easier than it is for any wind or string instruments. The main thing that makes piano hard is multi-tasking. Practicing teaches a student that they can accomplish big goals with small, daily effort. This can spill over into other areas in a person’s life, developing good habits and reaping great rewards.

Girl Playing Piano

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